About Us

Every T-shirt has a story to tell

We are an Irish T-shirt company that wants to change the world, one t-shirt at the time!

Founded in the capital of Ireland and sold all over the world, we are determined to bring awareness and empower new artists who are doing the same thing. Let the beauty of what we love be what we do!

We care about seas and oceans, animals that are endangered, forests and rivers... 


Every t-shirt has a story to tell and we trust they will be the start of many conversations.

At Buzz kingdom we believe that everyone matters!

We are here to listen !

Buzz Kingdom Clothing idea started back in 2014 as a conversation between spouses Lavinia and Adrian. Their desire of putting together a collection of clothes and accessories with a positive vibe , happy and encouraging messages, finally became a reality. There's plenty of things going on in our everyday life, things that sometimes can bring our spirits down; our collections intend to lift those spirits, bring smiles, change of heart and attitude when wearing these clothing items and influencing others around you.  Change starts with a positive thinking; after that follows spoken and written word. 

"Be the change you wish to see in this world" B. Ghandi